ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Becca & Becky – Father’s Day Gift Part 2 – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD

ManyVids – MindUnderMaster - Becca & Becky - Father's Day Gift Part 2 - PREMIUM VIDEO - HD

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ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Becca & Becky – Father’s Day Gift Part 2 – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD


Becca looks into the light and recites her Father’s Day mantra. “I am in love with my stepfather. I need to please my stepfather. He is my daddy and I am his little girl. I need to be his Father’s Day gift.” She stands in the doorway to her parents bedroom wearing a sexy little school girl uniform and playing with herself. It’s near midnight and Father’s Day is almost over she could sneak in and give her daddy one last gift. She slide into bed next to him, and promises to be quiet. She won’t wake mommy while she pleasures him. She takes out his cock and suck it lovingly while he plays with her mother’s tits. Becky moans and shifts in her dream. Soon she turns to catch her daughter sucking daddy’s dick. “I am my husband’s fucktoy” she says as she repeats her daily mantra. “I am his pleasure pet. There’s nothing strange about any of this. I will give my daughter to my husband.” She feeds her husband her big fake tits while her daughter suck his cock. She’s such a good mother, such a good wife. She shows Becca how to please daddy, how to take him deep, how to beg. “Can I stay in the bed with you every night?” she ask. “Of course baby girl” her mother responds. From now on, every day is Father’s Day. TAGS: Taboo, Stepdaughter, Cheating Husband, Mind Control, Tit Sucking, Fake Tits, School Girl, Whispering, Dirty Talk.

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