MyFreeCams Model – AshleyAlban – The Escort – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD

MyFreeCams Model – AshleyAlban - The Escort - PREMIUM VIDEO - HD

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MyFreeCams Model – AshleyAlban – The Escort – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD


You hire an escort to come over to fuck you. Once she makes sure that the money is there, she removes her coat. She tells you that she wore a dress like you requested and asks if you like it. She slowly turns shows off her big boobs and ass. You ask her if she wouldn’t mind playing with the money while you fuck. She shrugs and says that she can be your stripper if that’s what you want. She slides two twenties into the top of her dress and crawls over to you on the bed. You pull out your dick and she starts sucking. You ask her if she likes fucking for money. She answers that of course she does. Why wouldn’t she like getting paid while she gets dick. You have her hold onto a wad of money while she sucks you. She says like she likes being a slut of money. When you’re ready to fuck you have her get on her back. You grab a handful of ones from your night stand and throw them all over her while she continues to suck your dick. You put on a condom while she starts to finger her pussy. You immediately slide your cock it her pussy. You start to pound her while you stuff money into her mouth. She tells you that she loves being a cheap whore. You continue to fuck her like that until you are ready to cum. You pull out, remove the condom, and jack off all over her stomach. She smiles and tells you to message her if you want to have some fun again.

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